Our in-ground, in-garage steel shelters solve several problems:

  • You never have to go out into a storm to reach your storm shelter
  • You can continue to use your garage exactly as you always have
  • The door rolls under the top of the shelter, so you can always open it from within, even if storm debris has fallen on top of it

Our Approach

Safe Home Shelters installs custom garage floor steel storm shelters. We are a locally owned business utilizing local suppliers and local people to service western and central Arkansas.

Our Story

In the aftermath of the deadly storms and tornadoes of 2008, we began looking for steel in-ground storm shelters for our home. After looking at the products available, we felt a new design could eliminate the main problem of having the entry door jammed by debris, so we designed what we wanted for our home and began building our custom garage floor steel shelters. We had our design certified by a professional engineer and tested for compliance to FEMA codes by Texas Tech University.

Manufactured in Arkansas, we are proud to serve Arkansas and would love a chance to talk to you in person about our storm shelters.

Meet the Team

My wife Amanda and I are lifelong residents of Arkansas and have lived and worked in the River Valley since 1985.

Lance Oakley


Next Steps…

Call 479 414-1947 or email safeshelters@gmail.com for more information.